What to Expect From Your Home Inspection

A home inspection is a visual, non-invasive, unbiased opinion of the property.

An Illinois licensed Home Inspector is required to go through education courses, including hands-on inspecting, continued education, and testing. That’s not where it ends, experience plays a huge part in knowing what to look for. Although there is a lot of redundancy in what we find, there is almost always something new that needs some researching.

The home inspector uses normal operating controls to verify the condition of installed equipment as well as visually checking the structural components. Our job is to find defects that adversely affect the home or installed components.

What we are checking:

Although the inspection is considered visual, we are trained to look for clues of underlying problems either at the time of the inspection or that may arise in the future.

Many older homes have had work done throughout the years that may not have been done up to current building standards. These items could be Uncle Sparky adding a new circuit to the electrical panel or cutting supports in a basement.
New homes also need inspecting. New doesn’t always mean it’s done correctly. The items we find on a new home can cause problems years down the road. Simple window caulking that is missed could cause moisture to enter the building envelope that causes structural damage as well as mold that may not be found for years to come. Our job is to make sure the buyer is aware of these things and recommend corrective action. Of course if it’s a safety concern, we recommend immediate action. 
My goal is to make sure a client has a very good understanding of what they are getting into. After all, homes are generally one of the biggest investments people make, and where you and your family will spend much of your time.
Michael Wilke Inspect to Expect

Michael Wilke

IL license number 450.001824

Welcome to Inspect to Expect! My name is Mike Wilke, I first started my inspection career in 2004. I quickly realized that the inspection business is a very important part of the home buying experience. Home buyers search for the perfect home for their family, for quite some time, before finding the perfect match. The home buying process can be very difficult and tiring.

My job at Inspect to Expect, giving home buyers the confidence that they are aware of what they are investing in. I treat all inspections like I am inspecting them for one of my children, giving all components from roof to foundation a detailed inspection. The process gives the buyer the ability to plan for future expenses, and ensure their investment will give them peace of mind.